I encourage men to share their stories about dating, trying to meet, and interacting with women in Toronto and surrounding area. In fact, if you're a guy anywhere who is experiencing the kind of things that are talked about on this blog you are invited to share your story, or stories. I will then post them on this blog. For example, here's a reader submission in which a man describes his experiences in Toronto:

This particular submission generated a lot of traffic, and a lot of eyeballs saw it (it was in the thousands). That tells you how much exposure is possible with just a simple blog post. And don't let the hateful comments deter you. I've personally gotten a lot of them and they never discouraged me from posting. Quite the opposite, it just made me even more determined to get my messages out.

To give you some examples of what to submit, you can describe your experiences trying to meet women in clubs, or in the daytime, or through the internet. If you have traveled you can describe the differences between women here and those you met in your travels. You can describe how oppressed you feel as a man in your feminized workplace. You can describe how women act on dates and what you have to do to get anywhere with them. You can describe how many approaches it took you to get a date. You can describe any peculiarity of the interactions you have with women. You get the idea.

You can email me your story at the following address:

Rest assured I will keep your name and email address private. The most important thing is to get our individual stories out there in a format that others can freely see.

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