Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Reader Submission: Random Shitty Incidents Around Toronto

Here's a submission from someone describing his various experiences in Toronto:

1. Divorce is ultra popular so much so that it’s now a fad and if you are not divorced, you are a freak. I have ended a countless number of girls with no father and each single one of their mothers blamed the failed marriage on the man. Not a single one took a shred of responsibility – it was all the man’s fault and that’s all they ever talked about. One was prominent enough to talk about how men have emotions too and she used those stories to make men look weak and pathetic as if that justified her misery of being alone and unwanted. She projected these idiotic ideas onto her daughter and thankfully the daughter was of rational mind, but I had to put up with the mother

2. There are incidents when being in places and being male is just shitty luck. Toronto women will openly attack men verbally because they think it’s socially acceptable and funny. They will rudely interject your private conversations because they are judging how you communicate with your girlfriend or female friend. They are listening like Orwell’s 1984. In one case my girlfriend made a joke about that I don’t clean and a random stranger in the elevator just began judging me and rudely said “yeah well why would he?” suggesting that because I am man I am for some reason a prick that doesn’t clean. WTF? My girlfriend felt so bad for saying that, that she felt she needed to say something to make me look good again so she said I make the best cocktails. What should have happened is I should have told the strange woman to mind her own fucking business and that it’s incredibly rude to judge someone like that especially given she doesn’t know any context and I am a total stranger. A lesson for the future.

3. Another incident is when my sister and I were at a pharmacy standing in line. A man was talking loudly on his phone and this miserable hag just injects herself into our conversation and starts talking shit about a total stranger. She said “god that man is obnoxious and he’s so aggressive just yelling like that”. My sister and I laughed it off because we are POLITE unlike her and then a female pharmacist chimed in with attitude talking down about the guy saying he is a dick that does it all the time. WOW, WHAT THE FUCK? Being a guy and talking loudly on the phone credits with excess female ridicule and critique. Fan-fucking-tastic. What we should have said was “be an adult and go politely ask him to speak quieter.” Lesson for the future.

4. Another incident happened when I entered Starbucks and a total strange woman gave me a vile bitch face. I gave an aggressive look back and she looked away. Then I felt her glare so I looked back at her and she covered her face and to her friends, LOUDLY, said “what the hell, does he need help of something”. Oh great, now I’m a person with special needs because I stared back at a total bitch. Toronto women take 0 responsibility for their actions. Absolutely none – everything is the man’s fault.

5. Nightclubs – man don’t get me started here. I stared working at nightclubs at 14 years old hanging coats. I worked in nightclubs until I was 20 years old so I have seen it all inside of nightclubs. I have both perspectives : as a passive bystander when I worked and as an active participator when I went to party. NIGHTCLUBS ARE A CONVERGENCE OF SELF RIGHTEOUS BITCHES THAT BUILD THEIR EGOS BY TURNING GUYS DOWN. I came up to a girl acting like a human being and she gave me this massive bitch face like there was a rotting corpse somewhere, took her friend by her hand and walked away. Wow…. Fuck me for talking to a fellow human right?! Fucking treated me like shit and I didn’t deserve it. What a fucking cunt. Then about a few hours later she did that to about oooo… the whole nightclub and finally a guy, about my age took her by the hand, gave her the two biggest middle fingers and shoved them right in her face. I shook the guy’s fucking hand. Thank god! Finally a Toronto man that could stand up for himself. The cunt gave him the same massive bitch face, pulled her friend by the hand and walked away. That’s what these cunts do, they act shitty to men because they fucking feel superior from it. At this same club there was these two sluts wearing nothing but skin sitting on the couch and I shit you not, there was a line up of desperate fucking men, beaten down by society, thinking they are worthless… just fucking waiting to talk to these two cunts and they were turning down men systematically. I felt so sorry for these men… like dam it…. I can’t believe men are thinking so low of themselves these days, and women are thinking so highly of themselves. It’s fucking depressing.

6. I had guy friends that were with total bitches. These guys were about an average looking 7 and these cunts they were with… maybe a 4 max a 5. And these bitches acted so superior and told these guys what to do and what to think! They fucking ignored their friends like me like I am invisible, like I’m not a human being. And these guys stuck with them!? Why? So fucking sad. I wish they could learn self worth and self respect… but they were born in Toronto with mothers that taught them this way and they have no choice. They know nothing else. It depresses me.

7. Lesbianism is this new attention whoring fad and a convenient way to let men down. At least a way to let down men that don’t fit Toronto women’s idea of perfection… Which is easily manipulable, rich, and handsome…… oh and takes all her shit and never complains… you know…like a dog. So many girls claim to be lesbians and take narcissistic selfies for Instagram kissing their bitch friends and yet not a single one has interest or has ever (or will ever) lick a vagina. So let’s not pretend, idiotic women of Toronto, that you are even 1% lesbian. I know a tonnnnnne of idiots with this complex.

8. In general, on the street, or in the store women are allergic to eye contact. Good god, good luck trying to get one to look at you. And then you develop the same traits and there are entitled women that will get mad at you for not looking at them! Lol. So now you’re stuck, you can’t look at women because soon that will be illegal and if you don’t look at them they get mad. How fucking lovely. Toronto is a sad state and I don’t wish it upon anyone that respects themselves and wants good things for themselves. I hate being here and I can’t wait to get out.

Here’s my background for retrospect:

- Born in Eastern Europe

- Moved to Canada when I was 7, I am 26 now

- Have lived in Florida for 4 months and drove thru the states 3 times

- Have lived for months at a time in Europe and been to places like Warsaw, Bulgaria, Amsterdam, Romania, and the women there are real women with no pretension and with healthy sexualities

- You can call me well-traveled compared to an average person and definitely well-seasoned. I’ve been around, I’ve seen some shit. Toronto is the worst shithole to be in. I think it’s a modern, capitalist city thing. I think it’s a function of this westernization fad seen all over the world and of course the first cities/countries to grab onto this shit are the big capitalized ones like London, Peru, Moscow (pussy riot), New York, and of course the worst and most sexist one of them all – Toronto.


Anonymous said...

Damn bro, you brought me so many memories of my life in Toronto. I would like everyone here who is a follower of this blog to please give themselves a chance and leave that city. I also experienced pretty much everything you have mentioned here. You reminded me of the eye contact situation and it's so true. I used to walk down the street and remember all the girls turning their head the other way even if I wasn't looking at them. It's like going for a walk was a masochistic act. I also remember being interrupted out of the blue by women eavesdropping on my conversations and blasting all their misandry on us. And last but not least, I remember the gigantic ego of these conceited cunts. If you wanted to have a chance with them you had to be rich, handsome and fall for their manipulative tactics. Pretty much you had to play your stereotypical role of misogynistic monster so that they could take pride among their friends for being a hero at dealing with another monstrous man and hence the only moral and courageous thing to do is divorce you and take all your money. Even if you were the perfect man, she would have invented or pushed all these flaws on you by force. Good riddance Toronto.

Anonymous said...

1. Marriage nowadays is a joke. Not only in Toronto but in all of Canada. I have read that divorce rates are so alarmingly high that the government is actually trying to hide the new statistics to avoid hurting the lucrative businesses of weddings and divorces, so they keep releasing the old 50% divorce rate. Does anyone know anyone of our generation that has a successful marriage ? None of my friends or acquaintances are still married. I have never met a single couple of my generation that is happily married. The only ones are older generations, old grandmothers and grandfathers who are still together or immigrants who were married before they came here and haven't been assimilated yet into the feminist Canadian system.

2. Toronto women are so unbelievably privileged that they don't think men deserve respect and that the planet was created 50 years ago and that peace (absence of war) has always been there just magically, that trains invented and built themselves, railroads, cars, airplanes and heating systems. Everything was there magically from the beginning. No man in history worked their ass off to build it for them. So after their women's studies university courses, they gather together in their little Starbucks coffee shops and drink their lattes and whine about how bad they have it.

3. Stupid men's unacceptable behavior must be openly ridiculed. Stupid women's unacceptable behavior must never be pointed out in public or in private. It must somehow be some man's fault she's behaving that way. It is never her fault. A feminist can never be criticized when she comes to her professional job dressed unprofessionally because she can file lawsuits against her employer. She can do whatever she wants and her obnoxious irresponsible behavior must be hidden from the media and protected with the use of false rape allegations, alimony payments, child support, affirmative action, political correctness, double standards, victimization, and preferred treatment.

4. A woman that stares defiantly at a man is not creepy. She's a strong and independent woman, a badass Toronto woman, putting a man in his place. A man that stares defiantly at a woman is a creep and she should call the cops because she's no longer in a safe space. A free therapy session must be given with a psychologist for the traumas she endured and she should have access to a violence against women shelter in case she can't sleep that night in her expensive high rise condo due to her horrifying encounter with a man.

5. I don't need to say much on this one. If you're stupid enough to go to a Toronto nightclub expecting to pick up Toronto women. You deserve the asskicking that you will get.

6. True. Toronto men can be even more frustrating than the women. These guys are redefining "pussy whipped". They lower and degrade themselves to embarrassing levels just to have a glimpse of that catastrophe between her legs. These ugly bitches will insult these men, hit them, cheat on them, take their money, emasculate and humiliate them. And these men will still be there. They are gargantuan losers in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Cheri Di Novo and Shauna Hunt are boring feminazis:


Will feminazis say that 95% of women will be sexually assulted in Canada next? Toronto is a fucking joke of a city but it isnt laughable because feminazis are taken seriously and the white knights and thugs in blue shirts are there to defend feminazis

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot to add #7 and #8 on my previous post and only noticed it after it was published. Here it is:

7. Women in Toronto are not lesbians. Maybe the true lesbian population is 0.01%. The rest is just a bunch of cunts who know men are attracted to the concept of girls kissing and caressing each other so they do it to get even more attention from men and to raise new opportunities to shame and humiliate us. But only the stupid inexperienced men will fall for this trick. You must understand the cunt is trying all possible techniques to subordinate, dominate and ridicule you. She has ZERO intention of sleeping with that girl she's kissing or inviting you into a threesome with them. She is luring you into her trap with this so that she can make the kill when she has you where she wants you. This is true female nature. That's why if you can't understand this, you will always be her doormat. If you are truly the man, you call the shots and the cunt must listen to you or take a hike. YOU decide and she follows your lead. That's it. This is non negotiable.

8. I often feel like it's a competition on who's gonna look away first, trying to avoid eye contact, her or me. It's really pathetic what this city of the extremely privileged has come down to.

Regarding your background: dude you have been to Romania and Bulgaria. That's awesome. I had a relationship with a Romanian girl once and she was a fantastic woman. I can totally understand how coming back to Canada affected you so.

Anonymous said...

Perfect blog
This one and "living in the dead city" blog, and select roosh articles like "Patricia's Iphone" explain it.

Something to look at, I believe cheap, easy money and credit and real estate bubble partially is behind this.
You ever see people living in crummy or ghetto places but driving a new BMW 3 series or even a junior Mercedes car?
20-something girls too.

Or ordering bottle service when they should be paying down student loans?

All those outlet and discount high fashion outlet malls or even paying full price and using a store credit card has allowed people to dress hotter and more upscale than they should.

All this sends off very confusing signals. "Your parents live in a million dollar house? Oh the one they bought 15 years ago for 350k which is in a so-so area and needs lots of work and has 8 cars parked in driveway."

Anonymous said...

Continued...I hang out on King st west too.
My point is tons of people are new middle class and have no idea how to behave. Never before have so many held university degrees (most are worthless) or made easy money on condos.

The best girls still are lower middle class (and hang out West of Bathurst on Queen and College) or true upper middle class. Forget the new middle class who is trying too hard.

I know a 30 yr old married couple who spend money like crazy and have 1 million in debt -home, rental unit, student loans, lines of credit. They are broke but you'd never know it.
Their parents are mainly lower middle class.

People giving off strange signals socially. 6 and 7s can afford to dress up as 8 or 9s.
People living one class level above their own. All fakery.
King west is all about this.

Anonymous said...

But TO men are what keeps the feminist system alive and intact. TO men continue to go to nightclubs and out number the women by a huge factor. A lot of clubs allow women in for free so to balance the numbers. There is a pua who works in TO and shows TO men it is still possible by his pick up videos -- wesite is called Honest Signals. Would it not be fair to say that TO men are the real problem. The feminist system would collapse overnight if TO men simply just stopped going to the night clubs - even if it was for just one month. That itself would likely collapse the feminine control. TO men are like elephants whose one leg is chained to an invisible post.

Anonymous said...

Damn totally agree with the last comment. Toronto men are a bunch of pussies. Canadian men in general. Sorry about this but it's the truth. You guys have no idea on how to lead your women or how to control them. Hopefully after this massacre of having your balls chopped off by feminism, you will finally learn to be men.

John said...

^^^ Why bother trying to control women or lead them? It's much better to treat them as equals. It's the only true liberation, as opposed to being boxed in by particular gender roles which range from trying to please women all the time to trying to control/lead them all the time (i.e. trying to "be a man" in the traditional sense). Men need their own movement too to address and challenge these gender roles.

Anonymous said...

Because men and women are not equal. But we deserve equal rights. Do you understand the difference ?

If you buy into political correctness, you will lose. When you see the history of humanity, you see men always leading their communities and women following. Women are unhappy and dissatisfied without a form of male leadership in their lives. Yes! I said that. And they're also unhappy without fulfilling themselves as mothers. I don't care what feminists say (those same feminists who say they want a nice man but get wet in front of the bad boys). Women simply can't lead because they don't know what to do. It's not in their nature to create or innovate. Everything in this world has been invented by men. That's our nature. We're not better than women. We're just built differently. Just look at what women are currently doing in Canada with all their power: they try to imitate us men in every possible way. They just don't know what else to do.

They claim to be strong and independent but they are completely dependent on the government. They have simply switched their dependence from the husband figure to the government but they are not "strong and independent" at all.

I am a firm believer men and women are not equal and this is why our society is so messed up nowadays. Nobody wants to address this. However, I do believe men and women should have equal rights. This is because not all men are smart enough or strong enough to lead and women should not be subject to the ignorance of some idiot telling them what to do. Women should be able to choose. Equal rights yes. But don't tell me that men and women are equal because that's bullshit.

It's interesting how Canadian men are so lost too regarding this issue. It's not your fault. You've never lived in another culture and you think it's normal for women to behave like they do in this country. I wasn't born here and can't wait to leave. This place is completely out of balance and will collapse within a generation or two because of it. But I respect your opinion and I expressed my disagreement with you respectfully. I think your blog is really necessary to open up a discourse that remains hidden away from the mainstream media because quite a few people are making a lot of money from feminism in Canada, and they ferociously attack anyone who threatens their business, but of course they don't say it like that. They protect their business by simply accusing you of being a "misogynist".

Anonymous said...

"It's much better to treat them as equals."

The problem here is that the far majority of women do not want to be equal - though outwardly they say that is what they want. This is what has confused men and put men in a state of confused helplessness and for some suicidal depression. It is just like putting continuous energy to go around circles and there is no end in site. Women -- rather a tiny minority of feminists have successfully pulled off a massive con job - which started with the sexual revolution - promising men endless amounts of pussy - when in reality it was all about domination and access to wealth by mostly white privileged women. Unfortunately the burden to solve this dilemma has been put on men -- many who are still caught in the headlights of female show and performance. Until then women in TO will enjoying their status at confused men's expense.

Men are still totally undivided - and just the hope of some female pussy or even female contact - is enough for TO men to back stab each other and give up on their man hood. Men will pretend to be gay and dress like feminine clowns just to blend in.

John said...

Women are definitely equal, at least in terms of all things related to dating and relationships, which is what we are focusing on here. Think of all the things men are expected to do to "get" with women, and then think of those things in terms of equality, and you will realize that it's anything but. The fact that many women do not want true equality is because the status quo tilts the field in their favor. Moving towards true equality is not the same thing as what feminists want, which is selective equality (i.e. animal farm equality), but is rather true equality across the board where there is equality of privileges and responsibilities, not just privileges. There is no down side to pursuing this form of equality.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about all these little details ? We are all on the same side. We must all unite and say no to women's demands. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Dale Martingrove said...

You should also mention that most of the high paying jobs go to Canadian born feminazis, and most of them are incompetent.

I've heard about a Canadian-born female doctor who couldn't even know how to compose four lines of words properly without making grammatical mistakes like a Third Grade ESL student.

Toronto doesn't reward innovation, intelligence and critical thinking at all if they allow feminazis to take on high jobs while men get hounded on the street as potential sex predators and discriminated in the job market because one female job worker joked that for every man who applies for a job, she justifies not giving him any job opportunities because she will provide the vacancy to a woman first.

Next time when you Toronto fellas apply in a government funded job agency and the female Case worker gives a frown on her face, record that conversation and get a discrimination suit going because she ain't going to give you job opportunities!

Anonymous said...

What is strange about all this is that with only a little bit of resistance, the whole feminist domination and illusion can come crashing down overnight. Just like the elephant whose one leg is chained to an illusionary post - all it has to do is just walk away. It is similar to how TO men are caught in the illusion of the vagina and all the happiness it can supposedly bring. If all men simply stopped going to night clubs or other female dominated social events -- for only two weeks, the whole feminist system will likely come crashing down. That is all it takes!

Anonymous said...

DALE is absolutely right. I have a master's degree and all the females from my class got good jobs right away. It was ridiculous. But the guys got nothing. We had the best grades while the girls were barely surviving the courses. The guys all had to get a second degree and I heard one of us went on to do a PhD because he couldn't get any job in our field. How the fuck do you explain or justify this shit ? We all got nothing and the girls all got hired within a few weeks after graduation in comfortable government jobs in Ottawa.

I have no respect or admiration for financially successful women today. Because they didn't earn it. It was just handed to them. Fuck them.

I've got a buddy from Quebec city and he told me it's even worse over there. He says when you walk into any business, you only see women working. Men are not hired anymore. Men are only hired for manual labor jobs.

They think they will form a utopian female-only world, but this is the reality they will find:


Anonymous said...

That's the Canadian way guys. We don't know how to compete because if we had to compete we would all be out of a job. For example, that's how Bell, Telus and Rogers keep their oligopoly intact over the Canadian mobile industry. They spend millions to block foreign competition and charge us outrageous prices that make Canada the country with the most expensive cell phone plans in the world. Women do the same. They block competition because if they had to compete against men in fair and equal conditions, they would be laughed out of the company.

New Reader said...

I feel the pain of the Jan 3 comments. It seems to be the case that govt is filled with women. Rah rah sisterhood.

The future is also in your hands. It's no coincidence that the popularity of James Altucher or Taylor Pearson (who talks about the "end of jobs") or Tim Ferriss resonate with both men and women. Why? Those cushy jobs are slowly coming to an end. Slowly but surely. Companies want to cut to save their bottom line and make shareholders happy. Government? Well, at some point, you can only hire hens for so long with no expanding revenue to pay for it.

Choose yourself, find multiple streams of income...and f--k people who get jobs handed to them. This won't last and at least you guys are hardened up and ready for when the real hard times come.

You think the s--t in Alberta (with cuts, suicide, etc) won't affect Ontario? It will - you can peruse greaterfool.ca to see this discussion why.

Like the above commentor wrote, together we stand, divided we fall.

Thx for having this awesome blog Johnny.

Anonymous said...

Fuck man, I have a degree from the University of Toronto -- and I drive a taxi. No work to be found for males with degrees. It is quite depressing.

Anonymous said...

Oh well... You are all so cute. You gather in this blog no one knows about and have your little therapy sessions to help you get through your miserable lives. My friend and I were reading through the comment section and laughing at all the pathetic opinions of weak men who are starving for our attention, yet, can't get any. The guy talking about the girls of his cohort getting a job while the men couldn't was the best. Has it occurred to you that, mmm, I don't know, perhaps the girls were hired because they were better than the male candidates ? Seriously. Talk about blaming others for your own failures. Thank you for this morning chuckle !

John said...

^^^ Troll alert. Not worth responding to.

Nice said...

^^At first I thought, why post a troller Johnny? Then it dawned on me - it shows that the posts/comments are right! Toronto is f----d up!

Funny how the she-beast says this is a blog "no one knows about"...yet she-beast found it (and commented on it!)

Also, her line is priceless: "has it occurred to you that, mmm, I don't know, perhaps the girls were hired because they were better than the male candidates ?"

Interesting, though, when women (supposedly) make less than men, it's not their choices to blame (like picking easier govt jobs or less lucrative areas, e.g. choosing non-profit vs private sector), NO, it's the p-a-t-r-i-a-r-c-h-y!

Also, when women are under-represented in something, like entrepreneurship or STEM, again...women need a crutch like a cripple. Talk about needing others for direction in life. Have fun towards the wall, both looks-wise and career-wise (because you've been coddled and have no idea how to truly compete in an open market).

Thank you for the evening chuckle!

Toronto Miserable City said...

Also, her line is priceless: "has it occurred to you that, mmm, I don't know, perhaps the girls were hired because they were better than the male candidates ?

I can laugh at the women are more qualified idea all freaking day. I know a friend who used to work at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto.

He claimed that while the rest of harpies were busy on social media during work hours, he was surprised that his innovation while getting the respect by a male manager, was totally ignored and treated with contempt by his female manager. Guess why? "It will be too much work for me" she claims.

This guy was not from Canada, so I noticed whenever he spoke with the Toronto women, he would be screened at with suspicion for every word he makes, and including his facial gestures. I later heard that a Canadian-born Ryerson student filed a vexatious sexual harassment allegation against him when he just said "hey girl wazzup?". Talk about these feminazis at Ryerson University and their contempt for men.

That wasn't even the beginning. I was also told that a high ranking member of Ryerson University was threatened by a female employee that she will cry out "rape & assault" if he happens to be near her way. The Ryerson member declared that he had to notify security upfront in order to prevent a scene, because we all know what happens when a woman cries out rape in a busy part of Toronto: Police are more inclined to use lethal force against the alleged person.

If you wanted to know the ethnicity of the man, he was a black Caribbean person. He helped many black youth in Toronto from ending up in a life of crime. However, the white feminazis at Ryerson University did not like his philanthropy because the white feminists claim that the funding should be in their hands and not for his department. In other words, some cunt at Ryerson University tried to falsely frame a highstanding member for sexual assault because they wanted his department to reduce their support for marginalized youth.

The Canadian feminists, in particularly, the white ones are very lazy and racist. When they see a black man helping marginalized youth, they feel angry to an extent that they encourage their harpies to file false rape allegations.

Toronto believes that it is multi-cultural, but it is a city where the white feminists have the upper hand in society. Even a Muslim barbershop was hauled into court because a white lesbian feminazi felt "discriminated" that the barbershop does not cater to women for religious reasons.

I can only imagine how many businesses in Toronto are forced to hire white feminists because of the coercion from the Liberal government. There was even a story about a nudist feminist demanded that she work in a privately-owned daycare centre. The only problem was that she wanted to arrive to work 100% nude and work alone with children. Toronto is so fucked up mane!

Anonymous said...

Canadian woman kills 3 boys with her car and she's still the victim. Fuck this country. Seriously. Fuck this !


John said...

^^^ Wow, unbelievable. Here's another link to the story:


Anonymous said...

That story is fucked up. But what else can you expect from a Canadian woman ? She has been raised to take no responsibility for her actions. She must think the emotional "trauma" she is going through is bigger than that of the parents who forever lost their child. Totally selfish self centered personality which is the norm among Toronto women.

Also I used to have a really good friend who turned into the biggest arrogant asshole in the world after he joined the York regional police (the same department her husband works for). These guys really think they're a big shot or something. They tend to forget they're just cops. It took him like two years only to get in there and now he's making over 100k a year. Our police officers are extremely overpaid. I guess the government must ensure the feminists are well protected.

Anonymous said...

"It's like going for a walk was a masochistic act." -December 30.

Amen. Sometimes, just leaving the house for work or to run errands can feel like preparing for psychological warfare.

Women in Toronto have huge, unstable egos that depend on being able to "reject" a certain number of men each day. They are so used to the inflated self-importance they get when rejecting people in bars, clubs and online dating that they have to carry it into daily life, too. The result is going around pretending that total strangers are "into" them, even when these men just want to be left alone.

Avoiding eye contact and smiling has always been standard in Toronto. This new behaviour is much worse. Every day, I see women dart away from men, rudely turn their backs, glare and roll their eyes at complete strangers... whose only "offence" is being unable to avoid sharing a public space with them. It happens at food courts, coffee shops, the supermarket, the subway… even standing at an intersection, waiting for the light to change.

There will be a tipping point. Depending which area you live in, it doesn't even feel worth going out some days, given the probability of having a half-a-dozen encounters with hostile, bitchy women between leaving your doorstep and arriving at your destination.

It would be a different matter if they were actually gorgeous supermodels walking around throwing this shade. But the girl turning her back on you and rushing away at the mall is usually less attractive and well dressed than you are. It's just an insane performance to increase her self-esteem, so that she can feel as "desirable" as her equally insane friends, or the other bitchy women out competing with her in public.

Making trips away from the city is recommended, to be reminded that everyday human interaction doesn't have to involve men and women compulsively judging and avoiding each other. The atmosphere in Toronto is so hostile and joyless that we miss 90% of the basic pleasures that should be part of every human being's day-to-day life. It is very sad, and we have to cooperate more, to make sure we don't all suffer in silence year after year for absolutely no reason.

Anonymous said...

This previous comment was spot on !

"The result is going around pretending that total strangers are "into" them, even when these men just want to be left alone."

Dude, so many times I've encountered women rolling their eyes at me or turning their heads the other way and all this happened as I was just starting to notice their existence. Do you understand how fucked up this is ? It's like they're so desperate to display their hatred towards men that they will proactively create these moments.

They think they're so desirable that they're doing this to everyone without realizing how retarded they look.

"Every day, I see women dart away from men, rudely turn their backs, glare and roll their eyes at complete strangers... whose only "offence" is being unable to avoid sharing a public space with them."

Many times I find myself waiting for the subway or a bus with my headphones on. I'm totally in my own world, and a girl will suddenly walk right in front of me and do her standard antisocial fuck-all-men routine and all I did to deserve that was to be standing there. I wasn't looking at her, I wasn't trying to talk to her. I didn't even notice her existence before SHE walked up to ME to show me just how much she hates me.

"It happens at food courts, coffee shops, the supermarket, the subway… even standing at an intersection, waiting for the light to change."

Only in this culture-less country can women get away with this shit. Try this in other countries with old established cultures and these women would be put in their place immediately by her community for engaging in such rude obnoxious behavior.

Those men you are so cynically and blatantly disrespecting. They built EVERYTHING around you, all those things that you so ungratefully enjoy today and they died in horrendous wars to give you that freedom you take for granted everyday, you precious cupcake.

"There will be a tipping point. Depending which area you live in, it doesn't even feel worth going out some days, given the probability of having a half-a-dozen encounters with hostile, bitchy women between leaving your doorstep and arriving at your destination."

There will be no tipping point. Canadian men are too pussy whipped and conformist and passive and raised by single mothers to even begin to comprehend how to be men.

You're all nothing more than well-trained dogs bred for optimum performance of your female masters. The same way dogs were bred for centuries specifically to fill the needs of their masters.

"would be a different matter if they were actually gorgeous supermodels walking around throwing this shade. But the girl turning her back on you and rushing away at the mall is usually less attractive and well dressed than you are."

True. The uglier the girl. The likelier she will be to engage in this type of behavior.

Anonymous said...

Last but not least:

"Making trips away from the city is recommended, to be reminded that everyday human interaction doesn't have to involve men and women compulsively judging and avoiding each other. The atmosphere in Toronto is so hostile and joyless that we miss 90% of the basic pleasures that should be part of every human being's day-to-day life. It is very sad, and we have to cooperate more, to make sure we don't all suffer in silence year after year for absolutely no reason."

Actually ALL of life's pleasures are lost in Toronto. For both men and women. These are people who have exchanged life for money and safety and technological comfort. They have missed out and will forever miss out on the greatest parts of being alive: true love, true friendships, a family, laughing like a child even when you're an adult, being spontaneous, discovering other people, appreciating the beauty of life.

All of these things don't exist in the mind of a Toronto woman. Her ego is so gigantic she can only think in terms of hate and money. The importance of the husband figure in the household is a total joke to her. She will therefore always put her career before her family. It reminds me of this article I read on the globe and mail recently showing Syrian refugees refusing a free ticket to Canada. One of the persons interviewed was a Syrian woman who was a doctor and had refused the free pass to a "developed" country and the almighty Canadians couldn't understand WHY she would turn down such a winning lottery ticket like that, and she said it was because the conditions were that only a few members of the family could come, she said she could never allow her family to be separated, and that in Canada she could never be allowed to properly raise her little sister in a culture she could barely understand and that even if it would benefit her financially, she would never put her career first before her family.

BAM ! That's what I call a REAL woman. A truly strong and independent woman who would never betray her husband or her family at the first sign of trouble or when a new lucrative opportunity comes along. These are women who have lived through REAL suffering and who have survived through REAL hardships.

Unlike these ultra mega privileged Toronto women who have no clue of what they are talking about and who are nothing more than an international embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman and I've always had struggles with HR. I know I didn't get the job when an HR lady coos, "ooh, you're so smart!" right before her face falls and she mumbles something about me not being "a good fit". I'm not "hot", so I don't think I'm that kind of threat. But I do win favour with men by being diligent and reliable, so maybe that's the problem. My brain walks into a room before I get there, and that's always been a hindrance to making female friends, especially as a child. I am so grateful to trade the markets for a living today because Mr. Market doesn't care who I am, what I am, where I come from, how "likable" I am (or not), which clique I belong to, and so on. I am both my own boss and co-worker. It is by far the most honest work I've ever done in my life.

Anonymous said...

"Dear feminists" by Nicole Arbour. Let's try to lighten up the mood a bit around here. I think this was video was awesome:


Anonymous said...

It seems more women in Toronto are speaking up against feminism. A recent one is a Toronto Model. However, I am not too impressed by her rather Hollywood show type of ranting. The fact is it is TO men who have to rise up and make a stand with or without women. But I think it is better without women bc many women will join the most popular band wagon for the wrong reasons. As men's issues become more popular many women will want to join and it will create problems.


Anonymous said...

LOL the two previous comments posted a link to the same video.

Anonymous said...

This seems really stupid... a no pants subway ride:


Of course, since USA is doing it, Toronto has got to copy..and do it (on Jan 10th).

We are not crazy after all said...

Whoa, check out this for your Sunday laugh:


It's a letter asking how to find a quality guy. The reason there aren't any, is because, of men. The last line is lovely: "And men? Do better. Seriously."

You guys on this blog are not crazy!

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget what the title of this blog is: Toronto Men Unite!
This blog has an aim and purpose. It is not about TO women and their hang ups or problems. It is about how TO men can unite and take their city back and put it on track before it gets destroyed by TO feminist babble -- and how TO man can protect and even save their lives in this hostile anti male environment.

In the meantime, TO men can join forces by joining other existing men groups like CAFE, AVFM, and even RooshV who has started a Tribal networking strategy soon to launch.

Trying to reason with TO women is now over with. It is time to go on the offensive.

John said...

^^^ Absolutely. And one easy way to help restore the balance is for men to stop pandering to women and chasing after them like special unicorns. There's a lot to be gained from doing less in certain circumstances and it's time we realize that.

Anonymous said...

"And one easy way to help restore the balance is for men to stop pandering to women and chasing after them like special unicorns."

Indeed -- if all TO men were to do this for only 30 days, the whole TO feminist system would crumble down --simply bc men are its life supply. It needs brain washed men to hold up the TO feminist platform of domination. Just avoid chasing women for 30 days -- that is all. Snap out of the addiction.

Also worthy to note, if TO men fail to snap out of their feminist pedestal addiction, then they will be confronted by a growing body of enlightened and determined TO men in due time -- who will put them in their place so to the save the sinking TO ship from its coming disaster where everyone will go down.

Anonymous said...

Ok guys that's cool and all but realistically what can we do ? Every man around me is a fucking pussy whipped mangina. And the few who are sort of waking up are already married and getting their entire life consumed by their selfish self entitled psychopathic wife.

What can a guy like me do ? This is not a rhetorical question. I'm actually looking for the answer.

Anonymous said...

You already know the answer. It is not hard to figure it out. There are already some men groups in TO that are well established and doing the good fight. Join the one that you are comfortable with and help out. The men groups are CAFE, UofT Men' Issues Awareness Group, Ryerson's Men Group, AVFM, RooshV Toronto Group and more smaller ones. In fact CAFE is having a talk on Men issues this Thur Jan 14 at their centre near Carlton and Jarvis. You can attend it and network with others who are on the same page. There is also Stefan Molyneux - from Mississauga who hosts Radio Freedom and is a brilliant thinker on Men issues. And of course on a personal level stop chasing pussy and call out the pussified TO men when it is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Yo the comment section to this post is awesome. Just sit back and read this shit and have some fun. In my case the main problem I've experienced is with the girls glued to their smartphones. I briefly dated this girl a few months ago and the last time I saw her I took her out to dinner, but the girl spent the whole time with her eyes on her phone constantly texting her friends and I had to compete with that freaking thing for her attention. She was sitting right in front of me so I finally picked up my own phone and texted her "so what would you like to order?" And it's like she came back to reality. She put the phone down and started to apologize because she clearly hadn't noticed how annoying that was, but a few minutes later she was doing it again. Never called her again after that. But I think it's not just her. Get on the subway and look at everyone's face glued to their fucking smartphone. Pretty pathetic stuff if you ask me. Many people say Steve Jobs was a genius, I don't see how, he helped create a device that alienated and isolated people all over the world.

Anonymous said...

That Toronto girl we talked about earlier who posted a video entitled "dear feminists" well she apparently abused her ex boyfriend who was also a YouTuber from Toronto. He just posted a video telling his abuse story, I think you guys should really check it out:


Anonymous said...

Is it a co-incidence that as soon as Trudeau comes into power and more Canadian men are planning to leave Canada for good, that the Canadian dollar lost 10 cents in three months?

Is the Canadian dollar going to go lower than 65 cents? What about 55 cents or 45 cents or 35 cents?

It looks like Trudeau doesn't want people to leave Canada because he either taxes them or devalues their currency so people can't save any money.

Anonymous said...

Great song from the 1930s that should unite TO Men. In the 30s it was the depression and today it is Feminism that is destroying men.

"Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" lyrics by Yip Harburg, music by Jay Gorney (1931)

They used to tell me I was building a dream, and so I followed the mob,
When there was earth to plow, or guns to bear, I was always there right on the job.
They used to tell me I was building a dream, with peace and glory ahead,
Why should I be standing in line, just waiting for bread?

Once I built a railroad, I made it run, made it race against time.
Once I built a railroad; now it's done. Brother, can you spare a dime?
Once I built a tower, up to the sun, brick, and rivet, and lime;
Once I built a tower, now it's done. Brother, can you spare a dime?

Once in khaki suits, gee we looked swell,
Full of that Yankee Doodly Dum,
Half a million boots went slogging through Hell,
And I was the kid with the drum!

Say, don't you remember, they called me Al; it was Al all the time.
Why don't you remember, I'm your pal? Buddy, can you spare a dime?

Once in khaki suits, gee we looked swell,
Full of that Yankee Doodly Dum,
Half a million boots went slogging through Hell,
And I was the kid with the drum!

Say, don't you remember, they called me Al; it was Al all the time.
Say, don't you remember, I'm your pal? Buddy, can you spare a dime?

pinetree said...

Tonight there is a Men's Talk at the CAFE office. For those who are serious about standing up to feminism, here is your chance to network with others who are walking the talk.

The Challenge of Men's Mental Health:
TONIGHT, Thursday, January 14th at 6:00PM
Featuring Adam Terpstra who works with adult male survivors of childhood trauma

Canadian Centre for Men and Families
152 Carlton Street, Toronto
A 5 minute walk from Ryerson University

Anonymous said...

On women using cellphones, tell them only ONCE you prefer on a date that it is switched off. I know of one man who just walked away and was not able to be contacted for 3 days if this ever happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry pinetree. I no longer live in tdot. Had I been there, I would have attended the event. As a matter of fact, when I lived in Toronto, I had no idea this blog existed or that there were such events. I had to suffer through this shit alone. Hence there might be many men today in Toronto in that same situation, who have no idea there's a voice for them out there. They don't know you guys exist. You must reach out to them somehow. This is awesome work you're doing.

pinetree said...

Café is doing another event - Part 2 on Men's Mental Health - this Tues Jan 26. Details below. Here is the chance for those who want to make a stand against TO feminism to be able to connect with other men (and anti feminist women) and really do something concrete:

Did you know there's a crises in men's health on Canadian campuses?
Yet on Monday, Jan 25th the Ryerson Student Union will make a final decision whether to even allow a campus men's health support group!

Join us the next evening to hear the news and show your support at the 2nd event in our series:

The Men's Health and Male Identity Series

How do men cope with depression, anxiety, grief, loss, life transitions and relationship challenges? Can men face discrimination in accessing healthcare? Does male identity help or hinder men's health?

Tuesday, January 26th at 6:00PM

Featuring Kurtiss Trowbridge who works at the Toronto Distress Centre.
Kurtiss also provides counselling to the LGBTQ community and volunteers with the AIDS Committee of Toronto

Hosted by the Ryerson Men's Issues Awareness Society


Canadian Centre for Men and Families

152 Carlton Street, Toronto

A 5 minute walk from Ryerson University

Anonymous said...

For those interested in hearing other opinions and platforms on antifeminism. I will post some of the best youtube channels I've seen. I don't agree 100% with these guys, but they are worth checking out:

Some of them are MGTOW, here's the list in no particular order:

-Sandman (from Toronto)
-Thinking Ape (aka Stardusk)
-Terrence Popp
-Raging Golden Eagle
-Turd Flinging Monkey
-The Brother of Logic and Common Sense
-Red Pill Philosophy
-David Carroll
-Mr Madness Sotomayor
-Clasik Obas

Anonymous said...

I forgot one more youtube channel: "John the other" from Vancouver. Also worth checking out.

Reader of this Blog said...

Nice YouTube links!
I'd like to add to your list, it's pretty good:

The Fiamenga File: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7PfGhJXlJiDs4jvGGGgqsQ

Anonymous said...

Here's a fantastic video, please if you got a few minutes to spare, watch it. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Toronto is fucked for men.

Female doctor and the police are all allies to oppressing men

Look at how authority figures treat men in Toronto. Sickening


Anonymous said...

^^Indeed, it is screwed up.

But at least this guy, who had his career women via a Twitter "fight", was found "not guilty" for his comments on Twitter. This feminist twit is in arms about it:


Anonymous said...

Roosh V is organizing the international men's tribal meetings in about 146 cities world wide where men get together and discuss men's issues and problems created by feminism -- for this Sat Feb 6th at 8pm. Already much back lash has been created on major news networks. Toronto is a main city that Roosh V has discussed in lengths and has called it the worst city in the world for single men. Many protests are being organized to disrupt the men's tribal meetings. Toronto will certainly have a protest by SJWs. Meeting place is being kept a secret. Information can be found on:


For those who have wanted to finally do something practical against TO feminism, here is another opportunity.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ thanks for sharing this information.

I just read on metro news that Toronto women are planning to go there with boxing gloves and the media is not only protecting them, but praising them.

What ever happened to freedom of speech ?

Oh I guess when it's them who are spewing hatred, it is freedom of speech but when it's someone else then it's misogyny. LOL no wonder these geniuses have lost so much credibility.

Fuck Toronto women !


Anonymous said...

I just returned from Havana, Cuba after being there for seven days. After a few days there, I was breaking out of my shell. I was swimming in the ocean everyday, being friendly and talkative - even arguing and speaking my mind, flirting with the Cuban woman in my broken (and learning) Spanish, - finding a new energy in myself and my personality coming out - and just being randomly happy and spontaneous -like when I jumped in when a Cuban guy was taking a picture of himself in old Havana and put my arm around his shoulder and laughed telling him I am a tourist from Toronto. The Cuban guy laughed equally hard and shook my hand. ....I was feeling like I was twenty years younger..... And then in only a four flight back to Toronto and being here for just a day, I started to feel like I was twenty years older. No random talking to strangers, no eye contact with women, being very careful who to interact with, reading about Jian Gomeshi and how one girl accuser planned to bait him, --- and now I find myself back into my shell or man cave. The environment in Toronto is no doubt soul destroying for men. You realize it more when you are out of this place even for a short time. It is a true shit hole. The best thing for TO is if some earthquake or some disaster can totally destroy its foundation. In times of emergency and need, women suddenly become feminine and attracted to the nice guy. In times of prosperity, the nice guy beta male -- who risked his life doing all the dirty and hard work to create the prosperity is forgotten and women suddenly want to be independent and feminist.

Anonymous said...


What a joke. They want to box and instigate violence. As long as they are protected by big daddy govt and police. How low and absurd will this get. This picture should go down in historical archives for future generations to see what TO feminism turned into. Notice how TO feminists are mostly white and privileged.

John said...

In terms of feminists and their sympathizers disrupting men-oriented events, it is much more disturbing that a talk by Warren Farrell was disrupted a few years ago (given how non-hostile, informative, and sensible it was) than it is to have a talk by Roosh disrupted. It seems that Roosh is using the men's movement to help further his own agenda, which is not necessarily something that helps men. Like other PUA types he is working on creating his own brand, which has eerie similarities with cult movements. Although some of the things he talks about are sensible, other things he says are inflammatory and divisive. Usually these things are more about building up one's belief system base and following then it is to actually help people. It's kind of like creating your own religion in order to combat other religions you don't agree with. Like cult leader types, Roosh attracts vulnerable people who want to escape from and sometimes lash out against the "other side". You can't fight tyranny with tyranny, or one ideological thinking with another ideological thinking. Roosh's popularity is likely a testament to his cult status and that kind of thing has less to do with substance and truth and more to do with power-of-persuasion type delivery. Scientology has the same sort of appeal, by the way. One thing you have to watch out for when revolutions happen is that you're careful that you don't follow the wrong leader who is using the momentum of social change to catapult their own agenda.

Roosh, and other PUA types, should definitely have a right to free speech (within the limits of the constitution) but I don't think he is someone who can really help men. Warren Farrell is much better to listen to if you want information that will have a real positive impact on your life. Unfortunately, vulnerable people have a tendency to be drawn to the "harder hitting" advice which stirs the most emotion, rather than the most sensible advice that is more based on truth and facts.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion to the owner of this blog: you should consider opening a forum with the exact same name and topic (kinda like "happier abroad" style"). I'm just saying this because I notice that most comments on this post were not even concerning the article. I'm not attacking the author, his post was awesome. I'm just saying you could probably get more conversations going and maybe more traffic if you had a forum going where people could open their own threads and start different discussions surrounding this topic. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

To John's comment at February 3, 2016 at 11:47 PM...

Rollo Tomassi argued the same thing, i.e. that Roosh is using the men's right movement for his own profiteering: http://therationalmale.com/2016/02/08/outrage-brokers/

Anonymous said...

Toronto is so miserable that a female GP from Ryerson University can influence the police in a nearby city to heckle and hastle a man while he is waiting for his trial in Toronto over the complaints made from the female GP


I thought the Soviet Union ended!

Anonymous said...

I am a Phd degree holder in Chemistry and I can't even get a garbage disposal job in Toronto.
Why did I ever decide to move to such a xenophobic place? I see cleavage showing bimbos doing admin jobs and doctorate jobs, but I can't get low wage jobs and I have a Phd from a European university. Employment agencies told me about "Canadian work experience" but how can I get my foot in the door if employers refuse to hire and when I sign up for an employment agency a female staff would give me this angry look as if I was committing a crime just for seeking work?
Toronto is terrible

Anonymous said...

Remember, they are the victims. And you are the monster misogynist. They get the cushy government jobs, and you can go work at a call center. Welcome to Canada.

Anonymous said...

This is a somehow obscure mgtow channel but this guy is truly awesome. I loved what he said here:


Anonymous said...

Even the Syrian refugees are starting to feel the heat of feminism as their wives are massively divorcing them as soon as they get to a Western country and get their welfare. I won't be surprised if we start seeing a trend like this in Toronto soon, if anyone hears a story about this happening in Toronto, please share it. Check out this video if you don't understand what I'm talking about:

Anonymous said...

Feminists in Toronto want to see other men and women unhappy. This explains why there is so much feminist theory being taught in places where immigrants attend such as schools, universities, nonprofit agencies and other places. Your wives will become feminist followers in less than one semester while she is attending her studies in Toronto.

In Toronto a paper-pushing feminist is valued more than someone who has the billion dollar idea. Some people in Toronto will hate you if you have any sort of innovative or critical thinking skills.

Feminism has become so bad in Toronto that just an innocent question about feminism will result in a lynch mob being formed against you. To also note that Canada has little protections for freedom of speech and self-defense, which means that you will end up in prison for defending yourself from an angry mob.

Nearly everything in Toronto is about a white feminist's feelings and this will insult you if you are from a predominately non-white country. I even heard that white people from Europe do not like the constant victimhood whining of these White Liberal Canadian women as they sit their lard tooshies on a chair earning 100 dollars an hour just pushing papers.

Taxes and regulations are also very high in Toronto. If you plan to earn over 200,000 expect a marginal tax rate of 51% along with other additional taxes. Most of the tax dollars are used to pay for these overpaid feminist government workers that provinces like Alberta are losing thousands of oil jobs, yet the feminist NDP managed to "create" several hundred feminist jobs; some jobs pay at least 100,000 dollars a year.

You'll dislike Toronto because it's like a gender war zone. I do not know what the end game is to all of this hatred from the feminists.

The Canadian government made prostitution illegal (Bill C 36) to force men to fornicate with feminists and old women.

Real men would rather get a disease from a prostitute than have sex a feminist who will blackmail you for rape after you are done with consensual sex with her.

It's that bad in Toronto. People are psychologically and economically suffering in Toronto. Many men are forced with psychiatric medication like Prozac just to get by their day and not criticize feminists. Brave New World SOMA in action.

I urge men who don't live in Toronto to NEVER step foot in the city and men who do live in Toronto; you need to get out. This is a very bad place. There is a reason why many of you are struggling to find jobs while the feminists in Toronto are easily becoming high-paid government workers, HR Managers, doctors, lawyers, professors and other fields which would pay more than 50,000 a year.

Anonymous said...

A lot of men are not able to leave TO. Getting out is not that easy. For those men who are stuck here, you need to join CAFE and get involved in the fight against TO radical feminists.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lot of men are not able to leave TO. Getting out is not that easy. For those men who are stuck here, you need to join CAFE and get involved in the fight against TO radical feminists. March 14, 2016 at 3:04

It only costs $15 with a Megabus to get a one way ride out of Toronto; Montreal to the East and Buffalo, NY to the west of Toronto.

It looks like many men in Toronto are unable to find a good job and they end up living paycheck to paycheck or borderline homeless. But moving to another city is better than confronting these Toronto radical feminists. Did you see how the Toronto feminazis treated one of their white knight orbiters when he disagreed with them on Twitter about their campaign to cyberbully and gangstalk a random male from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario? Somebody named "Gregory Alan Elliott" posted a comment on this blog back in 2012 attacking the blog owner for criticizing Toronto womens.

I don't know about fighting feminazis,,,,,,,,,,,,,but we should focus on teaching men to escape from the Toronto area rather than getting them in unnecessary trouble with the police.

Saw this video..... about a law enforcement officer from Toronto deliberately blocking a guy with an accent from filming of the feminazi protests. Just criticizing the Slut-Walk is considered blasphemous in Toronto!!!


Anonymous said...

Please consider starting a TO Men Unite forum. It seems there is a lot to discuss and it will only get more popular as the war against TO men reaches a saturation point.

Anonymous said...

I think leaving the Western world is the best option. I don't understand why so many men have such a hard time leaving. If I could do it, so can you. It all comes down to a simple decision: do I rather be poor and happy or rich and miserable ?

That's the question you must answer for yourself and I totally get it that the answer is very personal. Ironically though, most people in the West are not rich and miserable, they're just barely financially stable... and miserable.

John said...

^^^ I thought about a forum but it would be considerable work to moderate, which would be necessary to maintain quality. A blog is good because people can have their stories posted as individual posts which prevents them from being "buried" by newer content (which could be of lower quality - which is what would easily happen in a forum).

Anonymous said...

Hey John you don't have to moderate the entire forum all by yourself. Most forums have several mods because of what you have stated. Just get two or three people you trust to help you moderate it. You don't need to stress over the entire content of the forum either. Too much moderation can also scare people away. As long as you keep hate speech out, it should be good enough. I'm not telling you how to do your job. I'm just giving you a friendly advice because I think your blog is awesome and I also think a forum is a good idea. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Toronto women and their pussy pass for assault. Yet feminazis in Toronto will decry when a woman has acid thrown on her face in an Islamic country for infedility:

TORONTO - A woman who pitched two cups of coffee at a man when he confronted her for parking in a handicapped parking spot outside a Tim Hortons has received a police warning after a video of the incident garnered international attention.

Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash said Wednesday the videographer, Ryan Favro, had declined to press a criminal complaint but officers still paid a visit to the woman.

"We've cautioned her for assault and parking in a disabled spot, which is really what we can do under the circumstances," Pugash said.

Pugash declined to name the woman. Favro, in the interim, was trying to put the genie back in the Internet bottle.

In a Facebook posting, he explains why he removed his YouTube video — shot Monday — which has been viewed more than a million times and shared by tens of thousands. "I don't want to grind this woman into the ground," Favro says. "There has to be a way for her to recover."

The video, still widely available and posted by outlets across Canada and as far away as the U.K. and New Zealand, sparked howls of social media outrage, with many condemning her as a "brat," among other things.


The Toronto man felt remorse for being assaulted by a Toronto woman. Talk about being pussywhipped to the extreme.

Anonymous said...

Toronto women are American women on crack who are programmed to harass, stalk, destroy, and hate men. The good-looking you are or the more accomplished you are, the greater the harassment and stalking will be.

The Plague Doctor said...

Toronto women drive man to plan his suicide in two years

Anonymous said...

Holy shit ! Thank you "the plague doctor" for sharing that link. The comment section is very interesting as well. I can't believe those feminists who call themselves "victims" lack absolute compassion to the extent of encouraging a suffering person to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

The feminists control HR and dont want men to be strong or get promoted or now even get an entry level job. Only option is to escape the insanity here.

Anonymous said...

This city is a done deal. How can this situation ever get fixed. Look how men treat other men also. Men in power make this situation worse as they dont have to deal with the day to day suffering

Anonymous said...

They are outright ruining young mens lives here. This is criminal if you ask me. If I had money I would leave asap but Im living paycheck to paycheck like most young struggling men.