The question often comes up on what guys can do to deal with the problems they are having with women in the area. Some suggest to just leave the city. Others suggest to travel more. Others lean towards going to prostitutes, if nothing else just to take the edge off the desperation and help put things in perspective. I personally think all three are worthy of consideration. If this city makes you miserable then by all means move out, but only once you're sure it's the city that's the problem and not something you can fix yourself. Travel is certainly good, and if I had the means I would travel constantly, which would help on so many levels, as well as taking care of the woman problem. And if you can't travel then do the next best thing and meet foreign women that recently moved here. You can sign up for a language exchange program which is probably one of the easiest ways to meet foreign women. Or just figure out where in the city to hang out so you can meet them. You can also try meetup.com, but only go to the events where people are sure to go there to meet other people, like pub nights. If you go to something like a movie night or a yoga class the women there will just go for the event and then promptly leave after.

Prostitutes are a good option in general, but given the new Canadian prostitution law which criminalizes the buying of sex (but not the selling), then I can't recommend it anymore. But it's only a matter of time before the supreme court will strike this new law down as being the unconstitutional piece of crap that it is, just like it did the previous prostitution laws.

Now, if you want to meet women the natural way through real life interactions you better have a thick skin. It will wear on you and piss you off. I would learn to be as efficient as possible, and trust your instincts. If 200 women show no initial interest in you then just move on. The one that is interested and wants to show it will make it very easy for you to spot, even if the previous 200 women ignored you. There's no need to second guess yourself because very large numbers of rejections by females is commonplace in this city.

I also recommend frequent trips to Quebec, with the closest city there being Montreal. It's outside the anglosphere and will be a breath of fresh air compared to Toronto. And there's plenty of ways to get there. You can fly there with Porter Airlines, which takes a little over an hour from Toronto, but it's kind of expensive (about $300 round trip), although not as expensive as the typical flight. You can also get there much more cheaply by driving, or taking the train (Via Rail), or taking the bus (Greyhound or Megabus). These range in travel time from 5 hours to 8 hours one way. This is the down side obviously. But even given the long travel time this is still doable for the occasional weekend getaway.


Anonymous said...

I will be short. The only answer to the question "What are the solutions?" is that there are none. Some people suggest to travel to other places, learn the game or do something else. Unfortunately, none of that works. Sadly, the best that we can do is to learn how to cope with the situation.

The Plague Doctor said...

Readers of this blog might be interested in the blogs Playing the Devil's Advocate, that is where I first came across this blog.

Anonymous said...

The only solution is joining forces with other men and creating a strong brother hood. It is really a political battle now. Remaining hidden and inactive behind the computer screen only makes matters worse for everyone. The only two organizations that have been able to create some kind of unity with men are 1- A Voice for Men and 2 - CAFE - Canandian Assoc for Equality. -- Therefore one needs to join either one them and help out what they are able. Financial contributions are especially helpful.

The Plague Doctor said...

Have you seen this site?

Anonymous said...

I believe that the obvious solution is to legalize prostitution or at least get rid of bill C-36 (which can result in jail time for a man caught paying a woman for sex). Legalization would have the dual benefit of protecting the female sex-trade workers as well as evening things up in the political-sexual game. With the advantage of being able to enjoy paid-for sex with a hot-looking escort, those men who don't want to play the social dating game or get married can get what they want with no one being hurt (provided of course that condoms are used). And as an added benefit, seeing an escort 3 or 4 times a month is a lot less financially costly then being married or dating a physically attractive woman...

The only people who I can see as truly objecting to legalization are (1) religious zealots who want to push their beliefs on everyone else and (2) those women who would no longer have the ego-trip of being the unreachable object of desire if there is a viable alternative (i.e. the types talked about on this blog).

Anonymous said...

I am a guy with high functioning autism who couldn't get a date in high-school. Following highschool I took massive action to get much better with women. I currently have an attractive girlfriend here in Toronto. It took me close to a year to find myself a steady attractive girlfriend. I worked my ass off flirting with girls on TTC and all over the damn place.
Some pointers:
1) Dress fucking stylish, and put product in your hair. It will improve your game to an infinite degree in this city.
2) I have heard people mention the value of a thick skin. They are absolutely right. Fucking have one.
3) Have the balls to approach women in the daytime. Get the hell out of the downtown core and go to a part of the city where there are tons of women from eastern Europe, and fillipino's, also you may find the african-canadian community to have a better attitude about flirting and being friendly.
4) Do NOT be a nice guy. Approach with a huge amount of confidence and authority and fucking MAKE eye contact.
5) Don't be thinking that you are a creep to follow this advice. You're not. It would shock you how many women are happy to toss you their number when you approach them on a subway at night time.
6) It is mind boggling that idiots go on and on about how shitty toronto women are. Have you not noticed the abundance of women fresh off the boat from south america and elsewhere? Here's a tip: TARGET THEM.
7) With regards to the gold digger thing. I think a lot of you people are idiots. These women are no where near as gold diggerish as other parts of the world (e.g., middle east, parts of europe, china). The fact is that guys making 6 figures are vastly outnumbered by attractive women. Do you have any idea how fucking few people make that? The reality is that this city is in economic disaster mode. Salaries cannot support the cost of living. Take a look at the stats.
Here's a little tip for you, these girls know deep down that the odds of them marrying the 6 figure guy are low, and they will have to meet someone and leave, or leave and meet someone if they want the detached house with the picket fence to raise a family.
So here's the deal: in the world of PUA shit we talk about the lover vs. provider frame. It's easy for us guys to start thinking about how to be a good provider and worrying about that. When you go on a date and you are thinking about that and it is on your mind, you are going to fuck shit up. Don't be the provider, be the lover.
The reality is that the women in this city know that finding a provider in the context of Toronto is so foolish, that what they respond to more is some casanova baddass type guy. So focus on being that guy.
Guide conversations away from money and bullshit. Guide conversations and interactions towards fun crazy shit.
8) Use every fucking tool at your disposal effectively: Tinder, POF, subway, dundas square, the beach.
9) On feminism: I can tell you right now that the proper way to deal with it isn't ranting and raving about it, and challenging it. When fucking SJW's try and lure me into a conversation about bullshit, I just nod my head, and say "cool story bro" and I don't show or give two shits. Dismiss it, cast it aside, let it blow away in the wind. When you go to the most upscale clubs in toronto like Muzik you will see many men acting dominant, and women giggling, and loving it, and going for it, and embracing a feminine role. The SJW's know they aren’t in reality.
The key is not to agree, not to engage, just nod your head, look confused and say "cool story bro." You follow that approach and they are forced to crawl back into their fucking holes.
10) If you want a relationship, then focus on fucking them on the first date. Get them attached to you right away, so that they are not going anywhere.
11) Fucking watch RSD videos, and actually take notes and get serious about learning the shit. And hit the fucking gym while you're at it.

John said...

^^^ Thanks for sharing. I would like to add that the key points from what you wrote are:

- Approach. Approach. Approach. It's impossible for all women to reject you, and if you approach enough you will be successful.

- Because approaching is such a low-yield exercise it's much better to just approach with the mindset of getting a steady girlfriend. Forget being a player who gets lots of different women - there's not nearly enough time in the day to do that.

You don't need RSD or any PUA material unless it's just to get you motivated to approach. That said, anything which can motivate you to approach is fair game, just don't get sucked into weird ideologies which can fuck you up.

Anonymous said...

I have been following Roosh's program where he says do 100 approaches -- and write notes. Then do another 100 and then another 100 = 300 approaches. This is what it takes to be good. So far I am at 15 approaches. Initially it is nerve racking, but you do learn and develop mental social skills. I have been focusing on tourists visiting. They seem to be more open to talk. Avoid girls raised in TO for the most part.

Anonymous said...

I am noticing that as the economy worsens, radical feminists are slowly decreasing. When the economy was good, it was fearful to take a stand against sjws and feminists. However, now I see more and more men and also some women who are speaking up against the radical feminist elements. Things are changing -- still slowly though. It was bound to happen. Sad to say but what likely will bring normalcy to the dysfunctional social abnormalities of Toronto gender relations is a strong economic down turn. And it seems to be heading in that direction.